Family-Friendly Dance Movies

Children get their inspiration from many different places; watching their parents, teachers, their coaches, being outside, watching TV and going to a movie. If you want to inspire your kids to dance or if your kids are interested in dance, there aren’t many places to see people enjoying it besides a dance class. You could […]

Stay Informed – What’s Happening at Catherine’s Dance Studio

Catherine’s Dance Studio has many exciting and new things going on. Their new dance studio space is nearly complete and will offer more space for more wonderful students. It’s important to Ms. Judy and Ms. Catherine to continue to maintain the “small town” dance community they have created. Providing each student with individual support and […]

Student Spotlight – Brooke’s Dance Journey

Often the days can pass by with the usual routine and interactions. But some days are special. They make us stop in our tracks, look back on those routine days and reflect on the hard work finally paying off. A special day happened at Catherine’s Dance Studio recently that touched the hearts of many and […]

A Dance Studio on the Move

Catherine’s Dance Studio is a small town dance company that prides itself on continually growing while maintaining small class sizes and individual instruction. Year after year, they work hard to create a dance experience young ones will enjoy. With events throughout the year, dance studio students are always learning. Bi-annual recitals are the culmination of […]

3 Benefits of Living in a Small Town

There are many great benefits of living in a small town. Admittedly it’s not for everyone. Nearly 80% of the US population lives in urban areas, but millions of people call a small town their home whether it’s very rural or suburban. There is a certain charm to small towns. They tout a slower pace, […]

Hip Hop Classes in Demand

As a dance studio, we are amazed at the number of people who are looking for Hip Hop classes. We certainly get a fair share of website visits and calls asking about these classes. Hip Hop is a fun dance genre and due to the popularity of the music and what kids see on TV, […]

Spotlight on Senior, Mckenna Flaughter

Mckenna Flaugher, was born in Kansas City and lives in Platte City, is a Senior at Platte County High School and has been dancing with Catherine’s Dance Studio for three years. She takes ballet, pointe, and leaps and turns technique class. She has been dancing for seven years. She said she found Catherine’s website online […]

Dance Studio grows

When you do the right thing, for the right reason, and you work with the right people, good things usually happen. And good things have happened for Catherine Stephenson and her mother and business partner, Judy Murray. Catherine’s Dance Studio has been able to meet the needs of parents and dancers who have been looking […]

4 reasons to take a Private Dance Lesson

If your dance studio offers private lessons, it’s not because they want to make more money. Chances are they offer them to students who have different reasons for needing them. A private dance lesson can serve many purposes. You may need a private lesson the next time you experience one or more of these situations. […]

4 Tips to Find the Best Dance Studio

Like most things in life, you have options when it comes to choosing what you want. There are options for where to do your grocery shopping, where to buy a car, and who to hire to paint your bathroom. Getting a few estimates, visiting a few stores and finding the right people to do business […]

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