3 Benefits of Living in a Small Town

There are many great benefits of living in a small town. Admittedly it’s not for everyone. Nearly 80% of the US population lives in urban areas, but millions of people call a small town their home whether it's very rural or suburban. There is a certain charm to small towns. They tout a slower pace, fewer crowds, a lower cost of living and smaller crime rates. Sounds amazing right? Well, there’s more.

Small Town Sense of Community

The good, and sometimes bad that comes with living in a small town is that everybody knows everyone. This translates into many great benefits. People tend to be more invested in each other’s lives. They are more likely to reach out when neighbors are in need. Support can be felt throughout the entire community during personal rough patches.

Peace and Quiet

Recent research says that being near nature is linked to living longer and improved mental health. Living in a small town often means living near nature. There is more green, more trees, more space and more quiet. Peaceful is the word that comes to mind. When you come home to your small town, your blood pressure decreases and the problems of the day melt away. And when you step outside at night, you can see the stars. Take a deep breath and let it all sink in.

Local Life & Business couldn’t be better

Saving the best for last, the local life in a small town is unmatched in the big city. All those friends and neighbors you know are working hard to pull together the next festival or event. Small town events are known for being the best. There is something magical about gathering over junk food, thrilling carnival rides and your large extended family.

Local businesses hold a special place in a small town community. Wouldn’t you rather buy your groceries, gifts or sundries from a business owned by your friend or neighbor? Small town folks seem to recognize that their businesses are the heart of the community. The businesses support the town while the residents support the businesses. Kids growing up in a small town learn a true sense of community and how to support their peers. They grow up learning in the local karate, art, dance and music shops. Their neighbors run these shops and truly care about the children. These kids often grow up and work in these shops as teenagers and the cycle continues.Small town charm within close proximity to the downtown Kansas City area. Catherine's Dance Studio, 170 English Landing Drive, Suite 111 Parkville, MO 64152

Catherine’s Dance Studio is your small town local dance studio. Located in the heart of Parkville, MO, Catherine’s is the perfect blend of small town charm within a short distance of the city life in Kansas City. Among their dance instructors are young women that have grown up in Parkville, have danced at the studio for years and are a part of the community. They are dedicated to providing small class sizes, so all students get personal instruction. You won’t find a studio with a stronger sense of community or dedication to your child’s development. Call (816) 214-7370 to learn how Catherine’s Dance Studio can serve you and your child.

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