Often the days can pass by with the usual routine and interactions. But some days are special. They make us stop in our tracks, look back on those routine days and reflect on the hard work finally paying off. A special day happened at Catherine’s Dance Studio recently that touched the hearts of many and brought joy to many more. This is Brooke’s dance journey!

Six years ago a very small and very shy Brooke came to Catherine’s Dance Studio looking to learn how to dance, to find friends and to have fun. She had tiny glasses and was very quiet, but she instantly fell in love with dance. Through the years she worked hard perfecting her form and learning new steps and techniques. She was always the quiet one, sometimes overlooked. She didn’t need or want to be the center of attention.
As time went on, she became a beautiful dancer. Her love for dance grew and she blossomed. She had the ability and talent and was now of age to try out for the Park Hill dance team. She did her best at auditions and waiting to hear the final cuts. The Park Hill dance team is extremely hard to make. The coaches are often looking for girls that can not only dance but have bold, outgoing personalities as well. With the support of her dance community at Catherine’s Dance Studio, many pulled, prayed and hoped for her. And…she was selected as a member of the Park Hill dance team!

“Brooke is very reserved in front of others but she loves to dance. You can just tell it runs in her blood but she is shy. During tryouts, she would come here until 10:00 at night working on the dance over and over again. she was so determined. The last night before tryouts it clicked and she was dancing like she had all the confidence in the world. That’s exactly what she needed. she brought her envelope to dance after tryouts and handed it to me in front of all the girls. She made the team! She earned that spot and I couldn’t be more proud! She is amazing!” ~Catherine Stephenson

“Dancing at Catherine’s has helped me improve my confidence so much. I went from being afraid of stepping on stage at recitals, to dancing at competitions.” ~Brooke

We have been praying that the coaches will see her beautiful, humble soul, along with her beautiful dance ability. It is not her nature to be overly Brooke's dance journey is an inspiring one and it all started at Catherine's Dance Studio, 170 English Landing Drive, Suite 111 Parkville, MO 64152.confident and that is often what the coaches are looking for. She is a beautiful dancer and tonight she shined. God is good!” ~Judy Murray

Dances is more than an activity. It’s more than exercise. It can become a passion. It can help kids grow in many ways. Catherine’s Dance Studio is blessed to be a part of Brooke’s dance journey and to witness her growth and success. So many Catherine’s Dance Studio girls go on to success with college dance teams, cheerleading and even becoming dance teachers. Their start in the small Parkville dance studio sparked something in them. Their potential is limitless and their community of support is amazing.

“I am so excited to have made the Park Hill dance team. This will be a great experience for me, and I am looking forward to dancing with my new team this year.” ~Brooke