Pointe Classes at Catherine’s Dance Studio

Catherine’s Dance Studio offers Pointe Class to Ballet dancers who aspire to practice and learn this technique. Pointe is a technique of classical ballet where students wear special Pointe shoes. These shoes help the dancer balance and perform the dance, transferring all the weight of the body on the fully extended foot or tips of the toes. The start of Pointe will begin over the age of 12. The fragile bones in the foot are still growing for children, allowing for the strenuous exercises and demands that are placed on the foot during pointe class.

The purpose of Pointe is to enhance the dancer’s ability to look weightless. Pointe dancers will walk, leap and arabesque on Pointe.

This class is for dancers just starting on pointe. This is the first exposure a dancer will get to wearing their pointe shoes. The primary focus of this class is to build strength during barre work for center preparation. Dancers must be invited and over the age of 12 to be considered for this class.

Pointe is a technique in ballet that is a more advanced concentration of skills. Dancers must be invited and over the age of 12 to be considered for this class.

Pointe Attire

  • Black Leotard

  • Pink Tights

  • Pink Ballet Shoes

  • Hair in a low bun

“The grace and poise that a student learns in Ballet are transferred to other dances and to a girl’s life out of the studio as well. When I see a girl walking, I can tell she is a dancer. Her shoulders are back, she holds her head high, and she has that extra poise that comes from being a Ballet dancer. She carries herself differently, she is stronger and she knows it. She is a Dancer and that helps define who she is and where she thinks she belongs in the world. What parents give their girls and what she gives to herself in the dance studio makes a difference in her life.” – Catherine Stephenson