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Frequently Asked Questions

We know how important it is for parents to know what is going on in the Dance Studio. Please also follow our social media accounts for up to date information: Facebook and Instagram

What should my child bring to dance?2020-09-03T14:39:08-05:00

All dancers must have proper dance attire, including shoes recommended by her instructor and a bottle of water, marked with your dancers’ name.

Dance Class Etiquette2020-09-03T14:48:21-05:00

Please arrive dressed for dance and in enough time to change your shoes, use the restroom and pull back any loose hair. We recommend not wearing your dance shoes outside of the studio.

Which classes should my daughter take?2021-03-11T11:06:02-06:00
  • If your daughter is Pre-K-2nd grade, we recommend our Ballet/Jazz combo class.
  • If your daughter is 3rd-5th grade, we will review her experience with dance.
  • If your daughter has never danced before, we always a solid foundation found in a ballet/jazz combo class. We also encourage trying another class like hip hop, lyrical, or tap.
  • If your daughter has danced before, we will assess her technical skills to determine if she is ready for Ballet I. If your daughter is in Middle School or older, we will assess her and place her in the proper classes that best fit her goals.
  • Review our Classes here!
What should my daughter wear to class?2020-09-18T11:06:44-05:00

There are different attire requirements for each age and class. Attire is listed under each class description.

Ballet | Jazz | Tap | Pointe | Hip Hop | Lyrical and Contemporary | Acro Dance | Competitive Dance

Will my daughter perform in a show?2020-09-22T08:29:49-05:00

Yes! This is your opportunity to see the technique and skill your dancer has obtained through her class(es). We have two recitals each year; our winter showcase and our spring recital. Please review our calendar of events for recital dates and competitions to cheer on our competitive dance teams.

Can my daughter join a competitive dance team: Company or Troupe?2020-09-22T08:30:43-05:00

Yes! Our growing competition teams gives every level of dancer the opportunity to compete. Clinics, tryouts and intensives are required to become a member of the CDS Dance Company or Troupe. Dance Company members are required to take additional classes.
Find out more about our Competition Teams!

Our Efforts to Keep Dancers Healthy

  • Our studio includes over 6,000 sq. ft. with three ballrooms
  • Each of our three ballrooms will have their own private entrances, exits and restrooms
    • All classes will be assigned a specific door for check-in, please arrive on-time
    • At the end of class, your dancer will exit the same door, please practice social distancing and arrive on time for pick up
  • All dancers must wear a mask while entering and exiting their designated ballroom
  • All dancers will be given a pump of sanitizer before entering their designated ballroom
  • All ballrooms have been properly marked to allow for each dancer to have a socially distanced spot on the floor
  • All dancers must bring their own water bottle
  • All dancers will only be allowed to bring in their proper shoes and water bottle
  • All dancers must be ready to dance upon entrance, please come in proper attire
  • All dance families will not be allowed into the lobby
  • All ballrooms and highly touched surfaces will be wiped down, sanitized and cleaned before/after every dance class
  • For the safety of our dancers, all instructors and assistants will receive temperature checks prior to teaching
  • If any state, city or local policies change, we will update you immediately

Should you have a question or concern while your dancer is in class, please contact us at 816-214-7370.

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