2020-21 Dance Classes

Our Dance Classes are Smaller

Catherine’s Dance Studio offers a versatile mix of dance classes for dancers ages 3 to 18, in our downtown Parkville location. If a student has not taken dance previously, we recommend starting with Ballet. The techniques learned in Ballet will give a dancer a solid foundation for all the other types of dance classes we offer, such as jazz, tap, lyrical and hip hop.

Your child will receive more individualized attention to develop great technique and form. Our classes averages no more than 15 students. Dancing will build self-confidence, music appreciation, memory, discipline, structure and attention to detail. We look forward to instilling the beauty and art of dancing while developing flexibility and grace.

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    We offer the following dance classes:

    Ballet Sisters

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    I am so happy to have enrolled my 5 year old at Catherine’s Dance Studio. She loves dancing and wait for Thursday. Ms. Judy and Ms.Catherine are so supportive and always ready to help.

    Jui Buch

    An amazing dancer, an amazing teacher, an amazing friend, and two amazing mothers. I would never trust my daughters’ dance education to anyone else.

    Jessica Lee

    They are wonderful and such passion for what they do.

    Andrea Jones

    Catherine’s Dance Studio is an amazing and special place! EVERYTIME my girls leave there, they have a SMILE on their face, and are positive and confident!

    Kathy Diemer

    Absolutely love Catherine’s Dance Studio! What a wonderfully uplifting environment for young dancers to learn and grow!

    Jenny Wooten

    I am so proud to call Catherine’s Dance Studio our dance home. Judy and Catherine are always so supportive of my daughter, They see her special gifts and unique talents more than any teacher we’ve ever had. They encourage her and that is amazing to see as a parent. The Parkville days Parade was a testament to the support and love that Catherine’s Dance Studio has from students and parents. It was a sea of Pink down Main Street in August! It was awesome to see! The recitals are wonderful! This mother-daughter duo is incredible!

    Catherine Kolkoski

    I started dancing at Catherine’s Dance Studio when I was 13. Most girls begin dance very young, but even with my lack of experience Catherine took the time to teach me everything I needed to know. Because of the individual attention I received from Catherine I was able to accomplish many things I never thought possible. Catherine’s Dance Studio helped me fulfill my dream of being on my high school dance team and now I am a Cheerleader at Park University. In just five short years I learned to perform at a high school level and now a college level, and I owe all of that to Catherine’s Dance Studio.

    Abby Jeans

    Hi, just wanted to touch base with you and tell you that we attended the dance recital dress rehearsal on Saturday as grandparents of Annie and Emma Jones.   Your girls did an awesome job and I was so impressed that you were so calm and focused the whole time before and during the rehearsal.   I was also very happy to see my granddaughters in a studio where the costumes and dances are modest and appropriate.   That is very important to me as a grandma.   That’s it – just thought that good feedback is always welcome :o)    God is good!

    Jolene Klassen

    I’ve learned so much here about not only dance but about life and myself. This is more than just a dance studio; its a family.

    Hannah Franklin