Specialized Classes at Catherine’s Dance Studio

Increase your strength and endurance with specialized classes. Our specialized classes are uniquely targeted toward dancers who want to focus on areas of improvement. Instructors use a variety of movements to achieve new levels of flexibility as well as upper and lower body strength.

These specialized classes go above and beyond well-rounded studio dance technique. It is more important that these specialized dance classes focus on professional dance technique to work on discipline. This will enable dancers to be versatile in their skills. Middle School and High School dancers are encouraged to take these classes along with their regular dance instruction.

This high energy class will implement both cardio and strength training geared specifically for dancers. In this class, dancers will build their stamina and strengthen their core, arms, and legs to give them the ability to turn stronger, leap higher, and kick harder.

In this class, dancers will focus on technique across the floor and learning different technical combinations, including several turn variations, kick combinations, and leaps. Dancers will also stretch and learn new exercises to take their flexibility to the next level.

This class is a High School Dance Team prep class. In this class, dancers will learn different styles of dance that is not often taught in dance studios, such as pom and kick line. This class focuses on technique and tricks that are necessary for making a high school dance team, such as kip ups, head springs, and aerials. Walk into your dance team tryout with confidence after taking this class!