Hip Hop Dance Classes

Dancers like to take a Hip Hop dance class. Hip Hop is a popular form of music and dance for many dancers. Catherine’s Dance Studio only teaches appropriate movements in our Hip Hop classes and only incorporates appropriate Hip Hop music to teach the classes as well. This dance class focuses on sharp dance moves and making exaggerated dance movements. It is a fun dance that is defined, as all dance classes are, by the music. Hip Hop is a natural extension of Ballet and students who are looking for another dance form to express themselves, like Hip-Hop, as a modern dance form.

We provide hip hop classes for kids. We use appropriate hip hop music and execute appropriate hop hop moves. The dance instructors at Catherine's Dance Studio, Parkville, MO are positive and focus on technique.Hip Hop Dance Classes for kids

This class is a wonderful dance form for students who may not have taken ballet or may not have an interest in ballet and still want to dance or have the experience of choreographed group dance participation. Like Jazz, Hip Hop gives the dancer a freedom of expression while learning technique that defines the dance. Less structure does not equal less discipline. Hip Hop dancers also need to learn basic moves and choreography.

If you love music, you'll love Hip Hop Dance Classes

Not as rigid as Ballet, Hip Hop is for those students who love music, love to move, wants to develop self-confidence, and may not necessarily consider themselves a “ballerina” will like Hip Hop.

Not sure if Hip Hop dance class is for you? We encourage students to try a class. We encourage our students to find the dance that fits them! You never know what might make your heart sing!

The dance instructor made a big difference to our Hip Hop Dance Classes

I wanted my daughter to try Hip Hop. She said she would go to one dance class. I think she had no intention of liking the class and went because I asked her to. At the end of the class, she said, "Mom, can I come back next week?" Catherine was an excellent instructor. She encouraged my daughter, pointed out her natural abilities and was so positive (she had a bad experience with her gymnastics coach) that my daughter wanted to be a part of that all the time!  That was important to my husband and I and made a huge difference for her.  - Catherine Kolkoski

Hip Hop is one of our more popular dance classes for our students to take. The beauty of our dance studio is watching kids go from taking one Hip Hop class to seeing the benefits of taking other classes to improve their dancing abilities in general. They love performing at our recitals and it is a thrill to be able to help them grow and develop.

Each student is given a chance to participate in dance recitals. Recitals are held once a year. The studio works hard to keep costume fees to a minimum. Our costumes are appropriate for all ages as well as our music.

Catherine's Dance Studio offers hip hop classes for students 6-18 years old.  Students love our dance instructors and parents will appreciate the smaller class sizes and the individual attention each dancer receives! Call us at (816) 214- 7370 or contact us today.

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