2017 Spring Recital

Lots of hard work, time, commitment, passion, and heart has gone into Catherine’s Dance Studio upcoming 2017 Spring Recital. Parents, instructors, and dancers will soon have the opportunity to witness and showcase these efforts on stage. It’s a favorite time of year for so many and there are lots of details that go into this […]

Student Spotlight – Brooke’s Dance Journey

Often the days can pass by with the usual routine and interactions. But some days are special. They make us stop in our tracks, look back on those routine days and reflect on the hard work finally paying off. A special day happened at Catherine’s Dance Studio recently that touched the hearts of many and […]

Teen Dance – it can help through the tough teenage years

Being a teenager can be tough. It’s often like a roller coaster of ups and downs. On one hand, the world is opening up. New freedoms are available, but with them come responsibilities. Stress and choices bombard teens every day while they learn to navigate their changing minds and bodies and the real world. It […]

A Dance Studio on the Move

Catherine’s Dance Studio is a small town dance company that prides itself on continually growing while maintaining small class sizes and individual instruction. Year after year, they work hard to create a dance experience young ones will enjoy. With events throughout the year, dance studio students are always learning. Bi-annual recitals are the culmination of […]

3 Benefits of Living in a Small Town

There are many great benefits of living in a small town. Admittedly it’s not for everyone. Nearly 80% of the US population lives in urban areas, but millions of people call a small town their home whether it’s very rural or suburban. There is a certain charm to small towns. They tout a slower pace, […]

4 Benefits of Dance Recitals

All of the wonderful students and dedicated teachers at Catherine’s Dance Studio have been working towards the 2016 Christmas Dance Recital that is right around the corner! Of course, everyone enjoys the sparkle and glamour of the recital. Parents and their guests will be beaming with pride to see their little or big, daughters, granddaughters […]

The Benefits of Dancing – A Lifelong Journey

If your little one has expressed an interest in taking a dance class, you may be wondering what benefits this new endeavor might offer. Finding an activity that works into your family schedule is essential, but considering your child and what they might learn is important too. The benefits of dancing are numerous and can […]

Catherine’s Dance Studio News

The end of summer is here, school back in session, and many exciting things are happening at Catherine’s Dance Studio. Every year little dancers get bigger, and their knowledge of dance grows through instruction and practice. Each year the studio continues to grow and be a dance home for these young girls and women providing […]

Catherine’s Dance Studio at Parkville Days

One of Parkville’s most popular annual events is upon us again. Parkville Days will be Friday, August 19 through Sunday, August 21 this year in historic downtown Parkville’s English Landing Park right by the Missouri River. If you have never been, it’s the perfect event to add to your bucket list. Parkville Days festival features […]

Hip Hop Classes in Demand

As a dance studio, we are amazed at the number of people who are looking for Hip Hop classes. We certainly get a fair share of website visits and calls asking about these classes. Hip Hop is a fun dance genre and due to the popularity of the music and what kids see on TV, […]

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