As a Dance Studio/ Performing Arts Studio, one of the many highlights in the year is the performing in a recital. Recitals give the students the opportunity to work together as a class, to learn routine, practice memorization techniques, follow directions and display the talents they have developed over time. As a student, recitals are an exciting time to be on stage and to perform for parents, relatives and friends. A time to shine! Performing, as they do in dance recitals,  gives kids many other benefits as well.

Social Benefits

A study was conducted with low-income adolescents in New York. The study investigated how an after-school theater program could affect the social and academic benefit for the kids. The study included 26 middle school students from Harlem. They attended 19 weeks of rehearsals to prepare for several public appearances. This group was compared to a second group of 26 students who did not participate in the thereat program. At the end of the study, each group was given a survey with 26 positively worded statements on a 1.0-5.0 scale. The students who completed the program had a significantly higher scale rating than did the children in the control group.

<img scr3-4-year old ballet class.jpg” alt=”3-4 year old ballet class, Kansas City, Catherine’s Dance Studio”>Confidence

Performing in front of an audience gives students a great advantage over other kids when it comes to public speaking. Participating in a scheduled performance helps kids set goals, develop self-discipline, self-motivation, patience and a desire to set goals and succeed.

Performing Arts can also help bring a  shy student out of their “shell.” It develops enthusiasm which can carry over into other areas of a child’s life. If they love dancing, then they experience what is can mean to be ‘passionate’ about something they care about. Having passion for something at a young age teaches children what it means to feel strongly about something and what it takes to do a good job at something you care about.

Producing Poise

The experience of performing helps a child learn to feel comfortable with being themselves and feel at ease in front of a group of observers. This can translate into many aspects of a young child’s life which can be tremendously helpful when faced with other situations in school and life.

Increased Intelligence

There is evidence to support the fact that being involved with dance can improve intelligence. Learning new skills and routines (like you do in a recital) encourages a child’s general knowledge and vocabulary.

Each child who takes ballet, jazz, hip hop or pre-ballet dance class and has the opportunity to perform in front of an audience will take away a little something different. As parents, we can encourage our daughters and sons to embrace the experience, to discover more about themselves, to develop skills that are unique to the performing arts and to be there to support and clap for them at the end of their recital.