What is Lyrical Dance?

Catherine’s Dance Studio has been offering Lyrical Dance classes for the last two years. The Lyrical Recital pieces are always very well received by the audience due to the beautiful interpretation n the choreography, the dancers technique and costuming. Unless you take a Lyrical Dance class, you may not know what the differences are between […]

4 reasons to take a Private Dance Lesson

If your dance studio offers private lessons, it’s not because they want to make more money. Chances are they offer them to students who have different reasons for needing them. A private dance lesson can serve many purposes. You may need a private lesson the next time you experience one or more of these situations. […]

2 Things you can do to avoid being a ‘Dance Mom’

If you have not seen the show yourself, you may have heard about the show “Dance Moms.”It is a TV program that highlights a dance studio owner, the talented dancers she coaches (coaching may be a bit of a stretch, yells at and belittles is more like it) and the Mother’s of the girls. Watching […]

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