Kids need positive encouragement. As parents, you try and  do everything you can to ensure you child has a healthy self-concept. You let them know as often as possible when they are doing a good job. You may give them small tasks to do so they get a sense that they can accomplish things. You give them positive reinforcement when they complete the tasks you give them. You do your very best as a parent to build your child up.  Choosing the influences outside of your home can be a challenge. Your child’s teachers in school (unless a child is home-schooled) will be selected for you. If your child plays sports at school, whether you let your child to play or not, may be a decision based on who the coach is. You want your kids to have friends that are positive, have good manners and treat their friends with kindness and respect.Thanks to Dance, I have the confidence I need to know that I can do anything, it just takes practice at Catherine's Dance Studio, 170 English Landing Drive, Suite 111 Parkville, MO 64152

The dance teachers at Catherine’s Dance Studio not only have talent, skills, and abilities, but they treat their students with love and care and encourage them with positive reinforcement and instruction.

Dance gives a child confidence

Place a child in an environment where their confidence grows, and their attitude about their abilities changes from, “I can’t do that” to “I will be able to do that if I keep practicing.” You see it on their face. You see it in their body postures. You see it in their eyes. You see the confidence growing. The confidence that comes from knowing that their teacher is supportive, that she is there for them; encouraging them and cheering for them. A child with an opportunity to learn in a positive environment where they know they are loved and cherished will not only learn to love to dance but will develop self-confidence for other things in their lives. They won’t be afraid to try, and they won’t be afraid to fail while they are learning.

They know that practicing is part of learning. And that learning to dance is not only good for their bodies, but it is good for their souls.