There is no doubt that time spent in dance class is extremely valuable.  In just one hour you are working on strength, flexibility, coordination and more. If you feel like your hour or two isn’t enough, there are many exercises you can do at home to improve elements of your dancing and supplement class. Here are four easy exercises:

While you Watch TV

Lets face it, when we’re watching TV we’re typically eating, surfing the web or just lounging around. If you want to get more out of your lazy Sunday TV watching, try simple stretches. Watch TV in your straddle or stretch your feet under the couch. If you can hold each stretch for at least one minute, you will start to gain flexibility which will easily translate in your dance classes.

While You Microwaveat-home-dance-exercises

Every Time you microwave a snack or meal, test your balance. Set your microwave timer for 1-2 minutes and see how long you can balance as you watch your food cook. Add these daily minutes up and you’ve got some serious balancing time which will make your ankles stronger, allowing more pirouettes and precise pointe.

Right when you Wake Up

Our bodies are tight when we wake up so do yourself a favor and stretch for a short minute. Warm up your back, neck and hamstrings first thing each morning and you’ll eventually got into the habit which is another easy way to gain all-over flexibility.

Improve your Posture

Although having proper posture is a no-brainer, thinking about it during your day will affect your abs, back muscles and overall presence when dancing. Consciously think about this- No more slouching in school or at the dinner table!

These simple dance exercises can really supplement your weekly dance classes. Whether you try one or all, stick with it and you can tremendously improve!


Author: Kelsey Anderson is a dancer, teacher and choreographer in Denver, Colorado. She owns the online publication Dance Teacher Connect where she provides tips for teachers and dancers.